Impact Statement

Since 2009, Youth 4 Orphans has made an impact around the world. We serve in 4 countries including the U.S., Haiti, Guatemala, and the Bahamas. Our work in the U.S. is comprised of leader training through the CORE Leadership mentoring program, mission trips, and young adult groups which reach almost 100 young people annually. In total, we support 5 international children’s homes with 157 children in residence. 530 community children receive the gospel message each year due to the camps we hold while on mission trips. Throughout the year, Y4O sends support internationally in the form of shelter, care, medical, clothing, job assistance and food. In a typical year, we provide 35,000 meals to children and in times of crisis, tens of thousands of pounds of food to surrounding communities.


Share the Gospel

We send teams on mission trips to underprivileged countries and share the Good News and love of Christ with orphans and families in the communities.

Mission Trips

Our teams travel to the Bahamas, Guatemala, and Haiti to support local orphanages and communities. Team members grow in their relationship with Christ while spreading love and hope.

Leadership Education

Through the CORE Leadership program, Y4O and trained mentors walk alongside youth, young adults, and their families to train them to become servant leaders in all areas of their lives.

Orphan Care

Y4O and it’s partners provide support to orphanages and build lifelong relationships. The support provides for basic needs like food, shelter, domestic care, education and medicine.

Community Development

We partner with communities by sending financial assistance, food, job creation and education to break cycles that contribute to vulnerable children becoming orphans.

Funding the Mission

Y4O is committed to utilizing your gifts to their fullest potential. In 2021, over 94% of donated funds went directly to impact the needs of vulnerable children, orphans and the training of our next generation.


Core Leadership



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