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Youth 4 Orphans partners with orphanages to help ensure a safe environment for the children by helping provide for basic needs. Y4O brings teams of American youth and young adults to run camps for the orphans and their communities that emphasize that they are precious to God and that He has a plan for each one of them. The children learn that there are people who care about them and they have a God who loves them unconditionally. Through these camps and leadership training Y4O trains the next generation of Christian leaders to answer God’s call and care for the orphan.

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Any child who is without one or both parents including but not limited to single parent households, foster or removed children, children who have one or both parents deceased, children who are abandoned or are wards of the state/government.  In the broader scope of the Christian worldview, an orphan would be anyone who does not recognize God as their Heavenly Father.

According to UNICEF there are an estimated 153 million children who have lost one or both parents worldwide.

153 million children who are in need of care.  Many end up on the street or in other dangerous situations.  Most do not get proper nutrition or receive medical attention.  An education is only a dream for many.   These children need to know that they are special, that they are loved, and that God created them as His masterpiece.  They need to know that God has a plan for them; that they have hope and a future.  Without this hope, many orphan children will live lives of desperation.  Orphan children coming of age face trends that are heart breaking:  homelessness; substance abuse; trafficking; crime and incarceration.

Most Americans have no idea of the plight of the orphan.  They have not been made aware of the 153 million orphans worldwide or the over 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care system. There are over 100,000 children in the U.S. foster care system awaiting adoption.  There are families throughout the world who have to choose which of their children get fed or which of their children they have to put out on the street because they cannot afford to feed them.  These are facts that the people of the most privileged and wealthiest country in history need to know.

Most Christians don’t know that they are God’s plan to care for the orphan.  In James 1:27, we read, ” Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”  Pure and faultless religion is to care for orphans and widows.  As Christians we are called to look after others and especially those least capable of caring for themselves.  This message of the Gospel needs to be heard.

Youth 4 Orphans


Everything we do is centered on Jesus Christ. We share the message of the Gospel through the people who travel on our mission trips. The people who serve with us by traveling to other countries, such as the Bahamas and Haiti provide camps to the orphanages we serve and to the children of the surrounding community. Our teams of missionaries also lead evening devotions and worship at the orphanages. We believe that we are commissioned by Christ to “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations” Matthew 28:19

Awareness and Education are integral components to communicate the plight of the orphan and the role of a Christian in their care. Y4O will raise community awareness through publications, newsletters and events within U.S. communities, regionally located out of Naples, FL.

  • Y4O educates youth, young adults and their families about the needs and care of local and global orphan children. Providing education on the physical, mental and emotional effects of mal-nutrition, abandonment, removal and abuse to a child. Providing first aid training through accredited organizations, such as the Red Cross.
  • Y4O will teach U.S. youth, young adults and their families about God’s plan for their role in the care and prevention of orphans. Training and retreats to teach the Gospel, plan camps, learning leadership and team building, and orphan interaction. Sending and receiving mission teams to serve in the mission field.

Youth 4 Orphans provides support to orphanages by conducting Christian camps, building lifelong relationships with orphans and their communities, sending financial assistance and goods to care for children’s basic needs such as shelter, food, education and medical attention.

  • The camps we conduct for the orphanages and the surrounding communities emphasize that they are precious to God and that He has a plan for each one of them.  The children get to meet and develop long-term relationships with youth and adults from the U.S. that help them to understand that people care about them.  In our camps, the children learn not only the bible and how to apply it to their lives but other various subjects like life skills, science, sports, music, dance, art, drama, etc.  By providing basic needs for the children and developing relationships with them, we hope that they will know that they are loved not only by their Y4O friends but more importantly by God.
  • The financial assistance we provide helps to ensure a safe environment for the children. We help provide food, doctor’s visits and medicine, clothes and shoes, school supplies, staff salaries, transportation, maintenance and rent. These things help to give the children a stable home and an opportunity for a brighter future.