CORE Leadership

Ready to make a difference?

If you have a heart to make a difference as a Christian leader in your community, school, relationships and careers, we invite you to apply to the CORE Leadership program today.

Building my strengths to lead like Christ.

CORE Leadership is a dynamic year-long certification program designed to develop tomorrow’s Christian leaders for action today. Participants interact with mentors over the course of 30 weeks and partner with other participants in a group setting to gain first-hand experience as leaders designing civic programs that make a difference in our community and abroad.

Participants begin this journey with a 2-day retreat of team-building, leadership and Christian principles. The 30-week sessions consist of deepening your understanding of core Christian principles, leadership development and culminates in the presentation of a group project that improves a civic issue.

Annually one group project is chosen and each participant is awarded the CORE Leadership College Scholarship to support their future as Christian leaders.

Participants have the option to continue a second year of training, developing their Christian leadership skills on a deeper level and will be introduced to externship & internship opportunities.

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Would you like to be a Mentor?

"Every young person is one caring adult away from being a success story."

- Josh Ship

A mentor at CORE walks alongside a high school student or young adult to share their strengths and knowledge, to encourage and equip them to be the next generation of Christian leaders. If you want to join us and contribute to the success of a young person, we invite you to apply to become a mentor today.